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I love an excuse to create my own bias binding… and actually use it in a project!


Recently I purchased some nice timber coat hangers for my wardrobe, perfect for the new hanging space I had just installed. I find that hanging my clothes somehow gives me more room in the wardrobe, but also avoids the inevitable “squashing” and “hiding” that happens when you just can’t fit any more folded clothes on the shelf, but they have to go there!

The coat hangers themselves present another conundrum… the Pointy-shoulder-itis… the dreaded disease of t-shirts and blouses that somehow (through osmosis, I think) absorb the shape of the coat hanger into the garment… enter: the new twist on shoulder pads!


I tested a few shapes in paper first, sewed a couple of prototypes adjusting the shape of the design as I went. It was a great way to utilise my ever-expanding quilt fabric collection as well and since the pieces are so small it could easily be a charm or scrap fabric project. I even used leftover lightweight cotton batting in-between the layers of fabric for that extra padded goodness.

I tried gathering the point, and pleating the point at the shoulder. The pleating worked out better because it was easier to sew, and I could create the sharp pinch point that fits the coat hangers better. The pleated version also stays on the hangers better.


The ribbons tie the shoulder pads on to the coat hangers in a cute little bow:


A cute way to protect valuable clothing… no more pointy shoulders!


I’m really happy with how they turned out, and I love that the timber can still be seen. These cute little shoulder pads could even be used on metal hangers, and they are so easy to put on the hanger and take off as well so I can swap clothes around so easily.

All dressed up, with no place to go!


Thanks for reading, and happy crafting adventures!


Since starting classes in Lampwork glass bead making, I discovered the need for a better glass rod transportation system to get my glass rods to class. The first method I used was bundling the rods in post tubes, but I found it difficult to see what colours I had, an I always cut my hands trying to get glass out of the tube! I bought a toolbox, which was great for a while, until I ended up with so much glass I couldn’t see the colours at the bottom.

A sewing solution was in order! Inspired by the rolls painters use to transport their brushes, also knitters storing knitting needles, I made a roll up storage bag.

Here are the pics of the results:

IMG 0515 The bag rolled up – clips and handles.

IMG 0517 From the side you can see how it rolls up.

IMG 0520 Starting to unroll, the flap inside covers the sharp tips of the glass and protects them from bashing into each other.

IMG 0523 Unrolled, the rods are colour organised, I can see what colours I have straight away. The elastic strap keeps them from toppling one way or the other. Also the white inside makes it easier to tell what the transparent colours are.

Happy Making!