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A couple of years ago I purchased a kit from a Sydney Craft Fair – ArtTable Beadwear. They made the most beautiful beaded Australian Native flowers using french beading techniques, though unfortunately it looks as though the company hasn’t survived.

Well, finally I finished the making, turning what should have been a hair ornament into an asymmetrical necklace and matching earrings. I can’t even begin to explain how I made it, though basically, each leaf/petal is made individually, and twisted together to form flowers… then arranged on longer pieces of wire and wrapped up with silk ribbon and floral tape. I combined it with a deep purple satin cord, embellished with a Chinese woven medallion.

I get so many compliments when I wear it, and I highly recommend going through the work and effort – its worth the satisfaction and reward. There are many books and kits available with a bit of searching.



Its quite unusual for me to plan a project from start to finish… usually I accumulate materials which sometimes end up as completed projects, but this time round, I surprised myself! I spend a lot of my computer time looking at available products and new jewellery components, just to see what’s out there, and having decided that I needed a more simple necklace I was inspired by these silver wave tubes and the silver leafy toggle clasp. I combined these components with a selection of green and grey bicone swarovskis, and this was the result:

I even had fun taking the photographs!

Materials used:

Earrings: 21g silver wire for the loops, 4 headpins, 26g silver wire for the connectors, 8 x 5mm swarovski bicones, 4 silver wave tubes.

Necklace: leafy silver toggle clasp, 26g silver wire for the connectors, 23 x 5mm swarovski bicones, 15 silver wave tubes.

Happy Beading!