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I feel quite proud of myself having completed my first project on a bead loom. I used a Bearcat loom (I love the internet!) and created a pattern inspired by a Bargello Florentine embroidery book I bought for my Mum and borrowed (accidentally forgot to return it to her – Sorry Mum!).

Beaded Bargello Cuff - Loomwork

I used Delica 11/0 beads in a few different greens with an orange contrast and attached the buttons and loops at the end after the painful de-looming process. Apparently there is a way to set up the loom so that you can just pull all the threads through one point at the end instead of having all the warp threads hanging off the end and needing to be woven back through each of the rows. I used Nymo thread for the warps and Fireline for the wefts.

Handy tip: Use a thread fray stopper on the Nymo to secure the ends of the threads and at the ends of the cuff bands to stop threads from “oozing” out.

Happy Beading!