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A Chainmaille Weekend! My newest exciting creatings in Sterling Silver and emerald Swarovski accents in the Earrings, for a touch of colour:

Another kit learning activity! I seem to do so many of these, probably because I like learning new techniques and a kit is usually the most cost efficient way of going about it!

My Chainmaille kits came from Silver Maille, an Australian Company that does mainly chainmaille jewellery related things, with some exciting looking wire sculpture jewellery as well. Their instruction booklets are really clear, and make it easy to figure things out, especially for the ambitious beginner! I added a couple of my own techniques into the earrings, like using paperclips to indicate the triangle base, since it’s easy to get confused about which way you are facing… particularly since the rings tend to fall all over themselves!

More pics here:


Happy Making! Lisa