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A while ago I started experimenting with wire wrapping techniques and this was the exciting result. Wire wrapping is so easy and even if your shapes are a little wonky (as mine always are…) they still look great. I basically turned a few open spirals in sterling silver wire, and strung up some ruby red crystals around them with some fine silver wire. The half frame around the bottom of the donut was made with a base of sterling silver, loops at each end, and the crystals were added with the thin wire, wrapping around the frame a few times between each crystal. This was a really effective technique and I am keen to try a few different colours, shapes and size beads. It could also be translated to earrings or chandelier style jewellery without the donut.

Happy Beading!


Its quite unusual for me to plan a project from start to finish… usually I accumulate materials which sometimes end up as completed projects, but this time round, I surprised myself! I spend a lot of my computer time looking at available products and new jewellery components, just to see what’s out there, and having decided that I needed a more simple necklace I was inspired by these silver wave tubes and the silver leafy toggle clasp. I combined these components with a selection of green and grey bicone swarovskis, and this was the result:

I even had fun taking the photographs!

Materials used:

Earrings: 21g silver wire for the loops, 4 headpins, 26g silver wire for the connectors, 8 x 5mm swarovski bicones, 4 silver wave tubes.

Necklace: leafy silver toggle clasp, 26g silver wire for the connectors, 23 x 5mm swarovski bicones, 15 silver wave tubes.

Happy Beading!